About us

The owners are diverse and from all over the world, but they share one thing in common – they fell in love with this enchanted place on Mount Amiata over 20 years ago and now they want to share it with you.

In Castel del Piano, there's Michele who assists as a co-host in Maremma. As a true Tuscan, he welcomes you and provides insights about the area he knows well.

Then there's Marica, also a property owner of one of the cottages. From afar in Romagna, she assists you with paperwork and information. Michele, a native Tuscan from Grosseto, is on-site to help and can tell you all about his maremma.


ACCESS TO THE RESIDENCE PARK. An exclusive place, accessible only to its guests, protected by a gate whose opening is made possible only through a private code. Beyond the gate, a path lined with a charming pond inhabited by geese and ducks leads you to the entrance of the residence. A numbered, reserved, and free parking spot awaits just for you.

THE RESIDENCE. A gate invites you to enter, revealing an inner courtyard that exudes charm and history. Your destination can be different, as there are 41 apartments.

THE SWIMMING POOL. Residence Terre Gialle stands out among the few properties on Mount Amiata equipped with a pool. Located in the heart of the residence's private park, it's available from June 1st to September 18th.

THE PARK. Furthermore, during the warm summer days, you can find refuge under the refreshing shade of the beech trees. The fenced park stretches as far as the eye can see, offering ample opportunities for invigorating nature walks.

Information for getting around the area

You are 1 km away from Castel del Piano (GR), an hour from the sea at Marina di Grosseto, about 30 minutes from Montalcino, Saturnia, and Monte Amiata. In 10 minutes, you can reach Arcidosso, and from there you can go to Montepulciano, the Bagni di San Filippo, or Abbadia San Salvatore... the options are endless.

You can go hiking, horseback riding, or donkey riding. There are excellent local places where you can enjoy good Tuscan food and wineries with reasonably priced tastings.

When it snows, you can go skiing, and in the summer, in the largest beech forest in Europe, you can find a refreshing retreat and perhaps even some delicious porcini mushrooms to enjoy in a risotto in the evening.



  • ☀ Thank you for choosing our property and WELCOME.
  • ☀The apartment is located in a condominium, and the basic rules are those of civil coexistence.
  • ☀TIMINGS: Check-in from 3:00 PM - Checkout by 10:00 AM
  • ☀Quiet Hours: from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM and from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
  • ☀SELF CHECK-IN: You'll find the key bunch in the secure box located at the front door.
  • ☀ENTERING AND EXITING THE PROPERTY: To open the gate: use the keypad at the gate post, which we will provide after receiving the documents for the local police station. To exit: there's a button on a post within the property on the left.
  • ☀PARKING: In the courtyard, you have a designated parking spot marked with the apartment number you've booked. You can unload your luggage and then park in your parking spot.
  • ☀ APARTMENT AMENITIES Kitchen with pots, plates, various utensils, kettle, moka pot, toaster. Service cabinet for storage. A wardrobe in the double bedroom with additional blankets if you're cold, and two bedside tables for personal items. In the living area, there's a sofa bed available as an additional bed for children under 12. In the living room, there's a TV with digital channels available in Italy, and where present, streaming channels like NETFLIX, PRIME, DISNEY with a firestick or Chromecast.
  • ☀WIFI-Condominium. TERREGIALLE To access PRIME and DISNEY + channels, connect to the condominium WIFI (Add39) by registering with your active mobile number. SOME APARTMENTS HAVE DEDICATED WIFI Instructions to connect are available in the house.
  • ☀ WASTE. In the municipality, there's door-to-door waste collection. Near the television, you'll find containers for recycling. Using the digital key 6TOSCANA found in the house guide, you can dispose of waste in the collection bins located on the condominium road near the service shed in front of the lake, using the bin opening card.
  • ♥PETS ALLOWED Pets are allowed but must not be let loose in the condominium courtyard.
  • ☀OTHER WARNINGS It's not allowed to hang laundry outside windows or in common areas. There are lines for hanging towels by the pool and behind the house in the corridor under the street.