Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions - Short-Term Tourist Rental Agreement

The owner, in their capacity as Lessor, leases the house in Castel del Piano GR, Via Terre Gialle, 1 through an agreement signed on the property's website caseamiata.smoobu.it, to the tenant


for the property unit booked as per the received reservation, located in Castel del Piano GR - Via Terre Gialle, n. 1, comprising an equipped kitchen, double bedroom, second bedroom with single or double beds if present, sofa bed in the living area, and 1 bathroom with toilet and shower, and also equipped with the following accessories:furnished kitchen, kitchen table with appliances, bed, nightstands, and wardrobe, sofa bed.

The rental will be governed by the following terms:

  • The contract is entered into for the agreed duration through the platform, and the reservation attached to the contract is an integral part of the contract (Attachment A).
  • The property must be exclusively used for tourist purposes, and the stated number of other guests will be hosted with the tenant as declared in the reservation (Attachment A). All necessary documents and/or data for legal communications have been sent to Alloggiatiweb, ISTAT, etc. for all guests.
  • The contract is valid only and exclusively for the period requested in the reservation (Attachment A) and only for the tenant listed in the reservation (Attachment A).
  • The potential rental deposit, if required by the lessor, is agreed at €100 (one hundred euros), which the tenant pays through the OTA portal or by bank transfer, and it will be returned within 14 days after the end of the tourist rental. From the amount the tenant may provide as a deposit, the necessary amounts for repairing any damages to the property and/or its contents, caused by the tenant, will be deducted at the time of return, and the difference will be refunded if applicable.
  • The tenant must inform the owner or their representative of any defects in the property and furniture within 2 hours of check-in.
  • Expenses relating to the provision of services, such as: electricity; waterfall; gas; condominium fees; are included in the price paid for an amount equal to 17 euros (seventeen/00) per day. The cleaning costs paid as Annex A will be paid to the company that takes care of the cleaning in the name and on behalf of the tenant. The payment of the total amount takes place as requested by the communication we send via email and in any case the balance is paid by the requested check-in date.

In summary, when the tenant made the booking on the chosen portal, he paid an amount for the rent of the property described on the portal, as shown in the booking (annex A) determined by the total paid deducted from the additional costs of water, electricity , gas and condominium, equal to €17 (seventeen/00) per day and cleaning costs which will be paid to those in charge in the name and on behalf of the tenant, as previously stated.

ln reference to Privacy Law n.675/1996 and to that of 2013 with the update of the GDPR of 25 May 2018, the Tenant authorizes the Landlord to communicate his personal data to third parties in relation to obligations connected with the rental relationship (Law of privacy protection).

The tenant and the Lessor sign this agreement at the time of payment, and the tenant takes possession of the house.